Shrouded optimized bladed design offers efficient and stable performance over a wide range of pressure and volume requirements. Inlet and outlet flanges are round for easy standard pipe duct connections.

Airstream/Performance: Clean air to light duty dust loading, low to medium volume, medium to high pressure applications.

Applications: Supply and exhaust fans, combustion air, distribution air, reverse air, cooler fans, pneumatic conveying, dust collector/baghouse exhaust fans, flue gas recirculation, general ventilation, process, corrosive and high temp applications.

  • Sizes 14″ – 26″ Wheel Diameter
  • Construction Class 60
  • Volume Up to 10,250 CFM
  • Pressure Up to 66″ WG
  • Temperature Range -30° to 600°F
  • Arrangements 1, 4, 4V, 8, 9, 10
PB Motor Inlet Side

Arrangement 4 Shown

PB Wheel Types

Aluminum Wheel

  • For Clean Air Applications at all Volumes
  • Tapered Shroud
  • Radial Blades (Slightly Backward Inclined)
  • Operating Temperatures up to 200 °F

Steel Wheel

  • For Dust and Light Particulate Applications
  • Flat Shrouds
  • Radial Blades
  • Operating Temperatures up to 600 °F
PB Aluminum Wheel

Standard Aluminum Wheel

PB Steel Wheel

Steel Wheel Option

Construction Features

  1. Continuously Welded Steel Housing
  2. Fixed Housing with Any Discharge Angle
  3. All Wheels are balanced to Grade G6.3 or Better
  4. Shafting is 1045 Bearing Grade TG&P
    • Sized for the first critical speed to be 1.25 times the max speed or higher
  5. Anti-Friction Pillow Block Bearings
    • Premium grease lubrication
    • Rated bearing life (L10) of 40,000 hours
  6. Inlet (flange style shown)
  7. Flanged Outlet with Mounting Holes

Additional Features

  • Extended Lubrication Lines for Easy Maintenance
  • IATC Industrial Blue Enamel Paint
PB Motor Inlet Side

Arrangement 4 Shown


Arrangement 9 Shown

Available Options

PB Slip Inlet

Slip Collar

Flanged with Mounting Holes

Flanged with Mounting Holes

PB Venturi Inlet

Venturi Inlet