Industrial Air Technology offers a full line of accessory products. All accessory offerings are available in a variety of materials including stainless steel, zinc plating and abrasion resistant materials.

Shaft Coolers

Shaft coolers mount to the fan shaft in front of the inboard bearing and provide air flow to slow heat transfer along the shaft, pedestal structure and help cool the bearings.

  • Available in standard sizes from 7-1/2” to 18″ diameter
  • Custom sizes available
Shaft Coolers


The purpose of screens is to restrict larger objects or debris from entering the air stream, while still allowing air to flow. Screens are available in any size for both inlets and outlets of fan, dampers, and silencers.

Bird screen
Round Inlet Screen

Inlet Boxes

IATC inlet boxes are designed to fit in tight footprints and direct air uniformly into fan inlets. Similar to our fans, IATC inlet boxes are designed for reliable performance, have predicted pressure drops for efficient fan operation and available with many options including access doors, drains, split housing, paint coatings and materials of construction. In combination with parallel dampers are an excellent choice for airflow control.

Inlet box


Used to reduce the noise output (DBA) of a fan. A silencer affects only noise resulting from air turbulence within the fan. It does not affect noise radiated through the fan housing, mechanical noise produced by the motor and drive, or noise produced by vibration. Fan silencers are available for both inlets and outlets of fans.

Inlet Silencer

Outlet Silencer

Weather Hoods

Covers fan or duct inlets or outlets to impede the entrance of rain or snow into the air stream.

Weather Hood
Rain hood

Flexible Connectors

Used to isolate loads and vibration transmission on inlets and outlets, while also allowing for minor misalignment of connections. Flex material comes in a variety of compounds. For negative pressure applications, dirty airstreams or higher velocity flow rates, flex connectors often require internal deflectors to protect fabric. Flanges are constructed from carbon steel, which can be zinc plated and stainless steel.

Inlet Transitions

Transitions connect fan inlets to inlet duct and other components. They are typically used when the inlet size is different than the duct or other component being attached to the fan inlet. Available in round to round or round to square configurations.

Round to Rectangle Trans
Round to Round Trans

Outlet Transitions

Transitions connect fan outlets to outlet ducts and other components. They are typically used when the outlet size is different than the duct or other component being attached to the fan outlet. Available in rectangle to round, rectangle to square, round to round, and round to square configurations.

Round to Rectangle Trans
Round to Round Trans
Rectangle to Rectangle Trans

Fan Bases

Provides common mounting platform for fan, motor, and inlet boxes.

  • Unitary Base – Rigid mount C-channel construction ready to install to foundation.
  • Inertia Base – Sturdy construction frame with rebar ready for on-site installation of concrete to provide vibration dampening.
U-base with brackets


IATC offers a variety of sensors to help meet your preventative maintenance requirements. We can supply temperature and vibration sensors that can then be integrated into your monitoring controls to help keep your fans running trouble free.

  • Speed Sensors – IATC offers Zero-Speed switches when installed will alert end users if fan quits rotating and for simple rpm history.
  • Temperature Sensors – Installed on bearings we offer a variety of RTD’s, thermistors or thermocouples based on your preferences.
  • Vibration Sensors – IATC offers accelerometers that can be installed on individual bearings or simply located between bearings.
Temperature and Vibration sensors

Vibration Isolators

Isolator mounts are used to isolate and reduce transient vibrations generated by floor-mounted mechanical equipment located in non-critical areas.

Housed Spring – High deflection, color-coded springs with built in restraints to resist lateral forces without restraining vertical movement. Telescoping housing with ribbed isolation pad assists with noise reduction, as well. Slots or holes are provided for adjustment.

Rubber in Shear (RIS) – Suitable for low load vibration. Narrow width and height rubber mounts provide excellent damping qualities and sound absorption. RIS isolators are easy to install in small spaces and do not require adjustment.



Thermal Insulation – Thermal insulation is added in cases where the temperature of the air being transferred or stored is impacted by the temperature of the ambient air. Some systems are insulated to maintain process temperatures for both cold and hot systems, to provide burn protection, and energy savings.

Acoustical Insulation – Acoustical insulation is added for noise reduction or sound attenuation.

Housing Insulation