Material in the airstream of a fan can cause wear and greatly diminish the service life of a fan. The first step is to choose the appropriate fan wheel type. After that, depending on the type of material being handled, size, volume, and abrasiveness, it is wise to consider upgrading the primary wear surfaces of the air stream to combat the detrimental effects of wear.

Adding abrasion resistant options to your material handling fan can enhance the service life of your fan. Shown below are some of the options available that will provide enhanced wear resistance to the fan wheel and housing of the fan. Generally, there are two basic ways to incorporate more abrasion resistant materials. One is to make the components from abrasion resistant materials that are structurally sound. The other is to use abrasion resistant materials as liners. Refer to the images below as a reference, then please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives to discuss your application and what options are available to extend your fan service life.

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